Yes, Control4 uses wifi, but it also uses a little known wireless protocol known as…Zigbee.

zigbee logo

What is zigbee?

Wikipedia tells us that Zigbee is a protocol used for wireless personal area networks or (WPANs).  ZigBee is low cost RF (Radio frequency) technology that is similar to wifi. (By the way the control4 system uses both wifi as well as zigbee and they work together flawlessly.)

It is perfect for wireless home automation control because of the low power-usage allows longer life with smaller batteries, and the mesh networking provides high reliability and larger range.

That is exactly why Control4 has chosen to use zigbee to communicate between its wireless light switch dimmers.  The greater the number of switches you add to the networking “mesh” the stronger and the more stable the network is.  So, don’t worry about having too many switches, the more the better.

Where does the name zigbee come from?

The official Zigbee Alliance tells us that it has been named after from the silent communication used by honeybees to report information about food sources. The idea is that by “dancing” around in a zig-zag waggle dance, a bee is able to share critical information, such as the location, distance, and direction of a newly discovered food source to its fellow hive members.  The zigbee network used by control4 operates very similarly. That is why we say the more devices you add to the system the greater the strength of your network.

If you would like to experiment with control4 and zigbee technology then contact us for a showroom presentation.