Why would anyone ever use wireless home theater speakers?


That is a good question. Allow me to pain a picture for you.

A beautiful living room with antique heart pine wooden floors. Below there is no basement only a 4″ thick concrete slab. The living room ceiling towers 17-20 feet in the air. How would you get wires to the rear speakers for a surround sound experience?

First you would look at what wall space was available. Unfortunately on the left of you is wide open space with no walls. The wall to your right contains a fireplace and a pair of french patio doors. The moulding is not able to be pulled off and wires hidden.

What do you do?

In the past you might have only three options:

1- You are stuck with a 3.1 surround sound with no rear speakers.

2- You are stuck with speaker wires draped on the floor for people to trip over.

3- Cut a whole mess of holes to pull wire.

Now there is a third option: A wireless transmitter & receiver made called the “Rocketfish wireless speaker system”. It sells at Best Buy for about $100. Have I tried it personally…no. But here is a reliable source that has tested it. They report it delivers a suprising 25 watts of power with no noticeable “noise”.

How does it work?

1-Plug your speaker wire from your surround sound receivers rear speaker terminals to the transmitter.

2- Place the rocketfish receiver behind your couch or sofa. Plug it into the wall & run speaker wires to your rear left & right speakers. (Hopefully these will be hidden behind your couch.)

That is it. Is it perfect, well…no. Some people report a little humming after you turn your receiver off. You have the option to either unplug the rocket fish receiver or to add a resister that is spoken about in the review I mentioned earlier.

Is this for you? I can’t answer that. However I do know this that you would be suprised how many homes we can wire for rear speakers that you wouldn’t think would be possible. Give me a ring & lets talk. Worse comes to worse you can try the rocketfish & if wireless home theater speakers don’t work for you…you can always return it!