apple tv

Have you been wondering what the apple Tv isĀ  but are a little embarrassed to ask?

Don’t worry, you not the first…nor will you be the last.

First of all, the apple TV is not a TV at all. Instead it is a hard drive (like a computer hard drive) that you can hook up to your home theater setup.

Why Do I Want An Apple TV?

Imagine being able to:

  • Watch all of your saved pictures from your computer on your TV screen or projector screen now
  • Download movies off the internet and stream them over onto your large TV screen over the fire place
  • Save copies of your favorite movies or TV programs without needing a DVD to burn them onto
  • Watch your ipod videos on TV
  • Watching all of this in 720HD
  • Doing all of this without having to run wires from your computer to your Television set and receiver location.

Can you see why you need one now?

In a future post we will discuss the 2 different apple TV models and which one is right for you.