should you read consumer reports for home theater recommendations?

consumer reports

Stop reading Consumer Reports regarding home theater systems


Why would we say this.

After all Consumer reports is Americas most trusted source for consumer awareness.

Notice what this latest digital trends article has to say on this topic.

“I’m not knocking their experts or their website, but I’ve seen way too many  people walk into a store with a quarterly Consumer Reports magazine tucked under  their arm. The issue I take with these is that they’re typically outdated by the  time they hit the newsstands. I’ve seen a lot of models that are difficult to  get, if not outright discontinued, listed as a “consumer best buy.” Further,  they base a lot of their ratings by polling the average consumer on their  experience, which sounds great in theory. However, these are people who have as  much knowledge and experience as you do in this field. If you’re buying a  Consumer Reports magazine, it’s probably because you don’t trust yourself to  pick out the right set on your own. If that’s the case, why would you trust a  thousand of you from nine months in the past? I absolutely recommend using the  web to do your research. You can guarantee it’s up to date and written by  professionals.”

That is where we come in.

Do your research on Consumer reports.

Then CALL us.

We will tell YOU which speakers, TV’s, projectors and receivers are OUT of date.


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