HC300 Front View

How About A Dual Processor and a HD GUI for On Screen Display?

The HC300 replaces the old “home theater controller” that Control-4 introduced a few years ago and what an improvement it is!

Picture this:

  • A brushed aluminum chassis for a very classy look
  • A dual processor features both an ARM9 and DSP processor which means that not only will the controller be faster than it’s predecessor it will also have much more bandwidth for doing multi tasking
  • A 720 HD GUI (Graphic User Interface) allows you to view and control everything on your TV screen in high definition. (This is 100% better than the old standard 480 version)
HC300 Rear View

HC300 Rear View

Looking for more reasons to invest in the HC300?

  • Very Elegant Design In Brushed Chrome
  • Surprisingly small size so it fits easily into any location.
  • Replaces all of your remotes – You don’t have to invest in a universal remote control either as this does it all. In fact…you could potentially replace every other remote control in the house!
  • Gives you complete home control – Control TV, music, lighting, temperature, blinds and practically anything else that you can think of.
  • Complete theater control – Look at the rear view of the HC-300 and notice the multiple IR &serial outputs and intelligent video sensing make controlling the entire home theater very simple.
  • Devices throughout your house are controlled via communication over wireless ZigBee™ (802.15.4) mesh networking, Ethernet, or WiFi (adaptor optional).
  • Seamless integration – Works with all Control4 components and a comprehensive array of third party devices. (Call me to ask your questions)
  • Very easy to use, even if you are not technically oriented.
  • Multiple interfaces – Uses Control4 Touch Screens, Keypads, or included System Remote Control.
  • High Definition – HD on-screen navigation provides large, bright, clear 16×9 graphics
  • Surprisingly Affordable For Every Customer at only $699. You can now enter the world of home automation with very low entry costs and add on as your budget allows you to.
  • Replaces other components – Provides home theater control, multi-room audio, and whole home automation in a single component.
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