Simplese: Dual Source Distributed Audio


Just a few years ago, in order to get a decent whole-house audio amplifier, you had to spend $2,000. Thankfully that is not necessary thanks to the Nuvo Simplese Dual-Source, Four-Zone Audio Distribution system. The Simplese is  NuVo’s most affordable and simple home sound system that you can invest in. What we love about it is that it is how user friendly  it is. Instead of having only one source played through out your home, you now can choose between (2) different sources at the same time. The best part is that its cost is about what you would pay for a single-source system.

Two Audio Sources Distributed to Four Different  Zones Throughout Your House
What this means is that Simplese gives you the ability to choose from two separate sources. For example you could be listening to xm radio in the kitchen and your ipod out on the deck while grilling up some burgers. This music can be sent to up to four different listening zones through out the house, which is more than enough to cover most of the areas you spend time relaxing with your family.

Built-In Infrared System
The IR repeater system allows you to control  your source equipment from other rooms. What that means is that you can skip CD tracks or  change radio stations without having to go into the family room, open up the cabinet doors, kneel down and change the channels. Each of the four volume-control keypads have a built in  IR sensor that can pick up signals from any remote control (for example your CD player remote, the satellite TV remote, or the Simplese remote that is included) and send it back to the device you want to control.

Customize Bass for Each Room
The Simplese keypads allow you to adjust the sound system  bass to fit each room.

Group Zones Together
This means allowing  your living room, dining room and kitchen to share a listening choice, while still allowing individual volume control for each room.

Remote Control included
NuVo Simplese comes standard with the NuVo RC1 Remote.

Simplese Features

* Four Source, Four Zone (you can expand the system up to eight zones)
* Generation D design protocol with Digital Amplification for cooler, more efficient operation with higher power output
* Built-in amplifier deleivers 30 watts per zone
* 56 Khz and 38 Khz modulation outputs for better compatibility with ore source equipment
* Trim-line, 6,1/2 pound chassis takes up less vertical space in rack
* Unique Allport wiring system means fewer wires to clutter installation
* Built-In IR receiver for each keypad
* Keypad control for bass and treble adjust per zone
* Auto loudness boosts high and low frequencies at low volume levels for a better listening experience
* Mute function immediately silences system for phone or doorbell rings
* Local source interrupt to dedicate a local audio source to a zone
* Rotary address selector for easy zone addressing with no programming required
* RS-232 serial port for easy integration with most home automation systems

What’s Included

* Simplese dual-source, four-zone amplifier
* Four keypads with white, ivory and almond cover plates for each
* Remote control with batteries
* EZ-Port wall interface plate
* Network cable that runs from the amp to the EZ-Port
* Two infrared emitters

Like the features of the Simplese but want to be able to control more sources? Then you want to look at the redesigned Nuvo Essentia or the Nuvo Grand Concerto..