Distributed Audio: Six Sound Source, Eight Listening Zones

Nuvo Grand Concerto

NuVo redesigned the old Concerto into the beautiful “Grand Concerto”. When you look at the two side by side their is no comparison.  It is an elegant, intelligent whole home audio system that combines Nuvo’s proven performance and the industry’s most innovative technology with class.

Grand Concerto

Elegant OLED Display for high readability in any light and up to 8 lines of text. Innovative Capacitive Touch Interface – a first in this industry segment. Intelligent navigation communicates directly with NuVoNet2 for smart feedback. With control like this, you may never leave the house with such beautiful sound coming from your speakers.

Grand Concerto Features:

* Six audio source inputs for multi-source capability, and up to eight zones of music (expandable to sixteen zones)
* 80 watts of power per zone – music played loud or soft with NuVo’s signature impeccably crisp, clean sound.
* Generation D design protocol featuring digital amplification – runs cooler, saves energy, outputs more power.
* Capacitive Touch Control Pads – glass-smooth touch pad with smart-source feedback.
* Streamlined navigation – browse sources by play list, track, artist, album, genre, or station.
* Global Favorites and unlimited source Favorites
* Flexible set-up options – Source Grouping, security, Volume Reset, Master, Mode, and much more.
* 2.7” vivid OLED Control display – easily visible in any room lighting, displays up to 8 lines of text.
* Two un-powered zones – used with the NV-P2100 auxiliary satellite amplifier powers up to 6 speakers in a zone, ideal for large living spaces or outdoor applications.
* Built-in infrared receiver – designed to block adverse interference of plasma displays, sunlight, or fluorescent lighting.
* Fixed and variable line outputs – for use with high-power external amplifiers.
* NuVoNet2 Platform – Grand Concerto features plug-and-play compatibility with smart source components for a Complete Home Audio Solution.

The Grand Concerto is available to try for yourself in our home theater showroom.

Have you looked at the Nuvo Essentia? It is the baby brother to the Grand Concerto.