“Whole House Audio Atlanta”

Imagine if you will coming home from a long hard days work. As you walk into the kitchen you not only turn on the light switch…but with a touch of a button you start to hear your favorite music.

This Is Just The Beginning Of What Whole House Audio Can Do For You.
Whole house audio is often referred to by the term “distributed audio”. Simply put…that means that you have the ability to listen to music through out your home.

Thats right, imagine a whole house audio system that can distribute audio music into any room that has been pre-wired for speakers and volume controls. I am not simply talking about a whole house audio intercom system. Instead we mean a true stereo sound powered from an audio amplifier. You will enjoy the sound coming from two in ceiling speakers that blend beautifully into the decor you have chosen. In fact these speaker grills can be painted to match the walls or ceilings.

If your home has not been pre-wired for distributed audio, there may still be a way . In fact depending on the layout of your home, we may be able to accessibly run speaker wires for audio distribution if you have an unfinished attic or basement. In fact depending on your budget now lets us to add distributed audio using wireless speaker technology .

Distributed Audio Systems May Be Broken Down Into 3 Main Categories.

Amplified Multi Source
Examples of this would be :

* Nuvo Grand Concerto System

* Nuvo Essentia

* Nuvo Simplese

* Control 4 System

Amplified Single Source
Examples of this would be:

* A-Bus System

Non Amplified Single Source
Examples of this would be:

* Using Rotary Volume controls in each Room
* Using a multi channel selector that sits on top of your receiver

Each of these can provide whole house stereo music. However to understand the limitations of each distributed audio system click on the above whole house audio links.

Then take a look at the different kinds and quality of in ceiling speakers that we offer:

  • Destination Audio BC600 speakers: A great entry level speaker for back ground music.
  • RBH A610 In Wall Speakers: A nice step up from the BC600, this is a great mid range in wall speaker.
  • RBH A615 In Ceiling Speaker: This is an in ceiling version of the A610.
  • RBH A815 In Ceiling Speaker: This 8″ version of the a615 provides greater bass depth & would make an amazing addition to your distributed audio system.
  • Patio and Deck Speakers

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