Nintendo Wii…what?

Picture the scene at our home theater showroom.  Ten grown men in their 30’s and 40’s impatiently waiting for their turn to try this new bowling game that was set up for the owners 5 year old daughter. What was causing all the hysterics? Some thing called the nintendo wii. By the way, if you are wondering it is pronounced “we”.

nintendo wii

Imagine if you will standing before a 110″ projector screen and seeing a cartoon character that mimics every move you make. That is exactly what you saw that morning as grown man were anxiously waiting to prove their bowling prowess before this 5 year old little girl.

You would not believe all of the hooping and hollering.

But it goes to show you that nintendo has a keeper here. If you have a wii system and you are currently using it on your plasma TV you owe it to yourself to try it on a home theater screen. After all, every grown man deserves to show off his bowling skills to his daughter. If you would like help from a north atlanta home theater company designing and setting up this system please give us a ring, we would be happy to help.