Nuvo Distributed Audio

Did you know that an intercom system is not the only way to distributed audio through out the house.

Intercoms can only give you the music quality that their little mono speakers can put out. If you want real stereo music then you want to look at a real distribute audio system or whole house music system.

Advantages Of A Real Distributed Audio System

  • Real stereo music (Don’t settle for mono sound any more)
  • Quality sounding speakers may be chosen anywhere from our starter line all the way to our professional RBH line.
  • Speakers are available in both “in-ceiling” and “in-wall” variety
  • Speaker grills may be painted to match your wall color and decor.
  • Listen to different music in different parts of the house simultaneously!
  • Raise and lower volume Skip tracks, change CD’s and change sources with a remote control or by using the keypad located in each room.
  • May be tied into your home automation system
  • Various models to choose from including the affordable Nuvo Simplese all the way to the Nuvo Grand Concerto.

Come by our showroom to learn about the different kinds of distributed audio available to you.