So Do You Want To Hear The Truth?

The Good And Bad

The Good And Bad

The proponents of HDMI cables would have you think that HDMI cables are a gift from the gods.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan but there are a few things you need to know about them so that you can make an informed decision.

1- The HDMI format is constantly evolving. Currently HDMI 1.3 is available. They are currently working on the next generation versions as we write this. If you have HDMI 1.0 you can’t upgrade to 1.3 without changing your wiring and receiver.

2- Highly susceptible to damage, so if you are installing these in your new home make sure you are giving them plenty of protection during the construction process. Can you imagine after your beautiful home is complete that you turn on your new TV -voila-  no picture! Therefor If possible I always recommend installing an empty conduit with a pull string so that you can always pull a spare if you need to.

3-Distance. You are limited to a 50 foot HDMI cable if you do not want to lose the quality of your signal. Even at 50 feet you may not get the signal you are expecting. I suggest installing a HDMI booster amplifier for runs greater than 50 ft.

4- There are different grades of HDMI cables. You can get a 720p – 1080i cable, or a 1080p cable.
They are known as a “Standard” (or category 1) cables which has been tested to perform at speeds of 75Mhz, which is the equivalent of a 1080i signal.
Then there is the “High Speed” (or category 2) cables which has been tested to perform at speeds of 340Mhz, which is the highest bandwidth currently available over an HDMI cable and can successfully handle 1080p signals including those at increased color depths and/or increased refresh rates. High-Speed cables are also able to accommodate higher resolution displays, such as WQXGA cinema monitors (resolution of 2560 x 1600)
Question: What kind of TV do you have now? If it is a 720p and you do not ever plan on upgrading to a 1080p TV then you may want to save some money and just get a “standard” or “category 1” cable. On the other hand, with the prices of 1080p TV’s dropping every day, it may be wise to install a 1080p cable so that you will be ready later on.

5- Beware of cheap HDMI cables on the internet. Non reputable name brands and vendors sell inferior products that will not give you the 1080p pricture you are expecting. Demand that all of the cables you buy are “CERTIFIED” 1080p.

6-You do not have to get an HDMI cables to experience HDTV. Although some people may tell you this it is not true. Component level video provides up to a 1080i HD picture.

7- HDMI is not the only way to get a 1080p picture any longer. Cat5 and Cat6 baluns provide crystal clear 1080p pictures up to 150 feet!

If you are not sure if you need HDMI cables are not please feel free to contact us to ask you