Are The High Dollar Speaker Wires Worth It?

The answer is it depends.

While you shouldn’t chince on HDMI cables or your component video cables, when it comes to sound can speaker wires that run $ 1.00 foot and more really make a difference? Yes, they can for some people. While I might recommend this for some hifi enthusiasts and audiophiles… for the majority of folks out there, I would suggest to spend your hard earned money elsewhere. Why?

Put Your money Into Your Speakers

If you had a $10,000 set of speakers and were looking to tweak the sound I would say, “Lets do it”. The high end monster cables could certainly make a difference for the highly in tuned ear of an audiophile. If your not an audiophile and still want to use monster wire, I will be more than happy to help you. I would just as soon though, see you upgrade your speakers to the next level quality instead.

Your speakers make the biggest impact on your system

Since that is the case, and most people are working on a fixed budget to create their home theater experience put your money into your speakers. Take for example our showroom. We have the RBH line of speakers including the CT satellites, the inwall TK series and the powerful tower speakers. The sound is impressive,  very impressive.

When I ask people to guess what kind of wire we used to pre-wire it, most guess 12 gauge monster wire. You should see the funny looks on their faces when I tell the we used a standard copper stranded 16 gauge speaker wire! In most cases 16 gauge wire with a decent pair of RBH speakers will sound impressive. If you want to upgrade to a 14 gauge wire we can discuss that if it is important to you.

Finally, if your heart is still set on the monster wire… let me know & we will be glad to help you.