Component Video: HD Wiring Without HDMI Cables

True Or False: You need HDMI cables in order to get HDTV?

If you listen to the salespeople at best buys you would think that’s true. But it’s not. Allow me to explain.

Component Level Video Cables Provide Up To 1080i HD Video

Component Level Video Cables Provide Up To 1080i HD Video

Component level video was the only way to get a HD picture before there were HDMI cables. How soon we forgot about them! This series of cables provides an individual wire for each of the 3 main colors, red, green and blue. Together they provide a beautiful chrystal clear 720p or 1080i digital picture on your plasma TV or projector screen.

Why would you use componenet video over HDMI?

Well, it depends on a few things.

  • Was your home prewired for component video? Check the wires over your fireplace where you will be hanging your TV. Many times the contractor will pre-wire with component cables. I guess you can call it the poor mans HDMI cable. How can you tell if you have component cables? You should see 3-4 rg6 quad TV wires and 1-2 cat5 data wires. If you see this bundle of wires then you are ready for HDTV.
  • If you already have component video pre-wired, do you want to go thru the expense of investing in new HDMI cables, paying the labor for an installation as well as repairing any drywall damage?
  • Do you have a 720p or 1080i flat screen already? Then component video is all you need.
  • Right now the only sources for 1080p video are a bluray, HD DVD player and a sony play station. If you do not plan on getting one of these, then you are ready to go with your existing component cables.

By the way we custom make all of our component level video cables to meet your specific needs.

But what if I want a 1080p picture?

Did you know you have 2 choices? That’s right, move over HDMI cables, Cat5 Baluns are here to stay.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance.