“What You Need To Know About Home Theater Wiring And Cables”

Before you can start planning a home theater room or theatre system…
You must begin with the correct home theatre wiring .You can compare the wiring system of a theater room to the circulatory system of our body. Just as the veins carry’s blood and oxygen through out the body, your home theater wires will carry video, audio & digital signals throughout your home.
In order to begin your wiring you must understand what surround sound really means and then choose which format of surround sound you will wire for. (For example 5.1 or 7.1)

First and foremost…

Do not skimp on the quality of cables that you use to pre-wire your theater room. Believe me when I tell you…the few dollars you may save now, you will regret over and over again as you listen & watch your favorite DVD movies on the big screen.

RG6 Quad Shield Wire:

  • This is the only type of wire that we will use to pre-wire your home for composite & component level video . We also use it to make custom RGB component cables for HD viewing.
  • This wire is used for your projector feeds, Dish network & Direct TV Satellite feeds, Plasma feeds for your LCD, DLP & Plasma large screen televisions.
  • We promise that will only use plastic straps & staples to fasten your RG6 Quad shield cable. Standard metal staples pinch & damage the quality of your video signal.
  • Do not settle for RG59 tv cable (This will promote ghost images.)
  • Do not settle for standard RG6 cable. Insist only on RG6 Quad shield!

Data & Phone Cable:

  • As a minimum…We use only Cat 5 data wire for all of your phone and data drops when installing your home theater wiring.
  • It is used for the phone jack for your cable or satellite receivers.
  • It is also used for carrying the data required for any intra-red eyes needed to control equipment
  • Did you know cat5 can now carry a 1080p signal by using something called baluns?
  • We only use Cat 5 wire to be used for any volume controls for distributed audio. This allows you to upgrade to home automation systems such as Control 4 later on.
  • Never use category 3 phone wire as it is not capable of transmitting data.
  • Never use metal staples as they will damage your wire and the strength of the data signal
HDMI Cables:
  • Instead of having to run the typical red, blue and green component level cables. HDMI cables allow you to run one single wire instead of 3 component cables.
  • HDMI cables provide HD signals up to 1080P lines of resolution.
  • All HDMI cables are not created equal. Learn more about HDMI cables and why you want them.
  • Are HDMI cables as essential as everyone says. Learn the whole truth about hdmi cables.

Speaker Wire:

  • As a minimum we recommend using 16/2 or 16/4 gauge speaker wire. You can also upgrade to 14/2 or 14/4 gauge speaker wire for your surround sound wiring.
  • Remember to pre-wire for 7.1 surround sound now…even if you plan on only using a 5.1 surround sound system for the time being. Later on you can add left and right middle speakers without cutting any drywall or sheet rock! This wire will accommodate any surround sound speakers that you may decide to install later.
  • Learn the truth about high dollar speaker wire.

Empty Conduits:

  • If you are pre-wiring or roughing in before dry walling…why not run an empty conduit or ENT plastic flexible conduit from the head end where all of your receiver equipment is located to overhead where your projector will be.
  • A 1-1/2″ ent will only carry (1) hdmi cable.  Even this can be a tough pull some times. Minimize your 90 degree bends. Use long gradual sweeps for easy pulling. To be safe run a 2-1/4″ empty conduit. You will be glad you did if you need to run more than a few wires.
  • Don’t forget to run a pull string so that you can tie a wire to pull through later!  By taking just a few moments to do this now…you will future proof the quality of your video signal.
  • Eventually when they develop a cable that can carry more than a 1080P signal…you will be ready to pull the newest technology cable thru your empty conduit…without having to cut any drywall

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