Denon 989 Surround Sound Receiver

Denon 989 Surround Sound Receiver

The AVR-989 provides top of the line audio and video signal processing and switching flexibility. It is fully equipped to handle even the most sophisticated home theater setups.

  • The video section features four v1.3a HDMI inputs, with up to 1080p resolution as well as handling high definition multi-channel LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks.
  • For standard definition sources such as DVD, the on-board Faroudja DCDi video processing and upconversion system provides near-HD picture quality.
  • Denon’s advanced surround sound decoding section is powered by dual high precision 32 bit floating point DSP processors, a feature previously found only on our top-end models, and provides breathtaking surround sound quality from virtually any source.
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume automatically eliminates jarring volume jumps between TV shows and commercials, and Audyssey Dynamic EQ ensures rich bass and smooth tonal balance, even at low volume levels.
  • Audyssey’s MultEQ in-room acoustic optimization system provides up to eight measurement points, smoothing the overall balance for the most natural tonal quality everywhere in the listening space.
  • Setup and operation are a breeze with Denon’s enhanced icon-based on screen display that also features a screen saver.


  • Power Output; Watts Per Channel    115
  • All Channels Rated @ 0.05 THD
  • Weight: In Pounds    28.2
  • Width (inches)    17.1
  • Height (inches)    6.7
  • Depth (inches)    16.9


  • True 24-bit/96-kHz Digital Input Capability
  • Digital Inputs: Coaxial    3
  • Digital Inputs: Optical    3
  • Digital Outputs: Optical    2
  • Digital to Analog REC Out
  • Analog Audio Inputs, Incl. Tuner    10
  • Source Function Renaming
  • Analog Record Outputs    2
  • Video Conversion –Composite to S-Video to Component
  • Video Conversion – Composite to S-Video to Composite
  • Video Conversion – Analog to HDMI
  • HDMI Video Outputs *1080p    *
  • Composite Video Inputs    7
  • Composite Video Outputs    3
  • S-Video Inputs    7
  • S-Video Outputs    3
  • Component Video Inputs x Bandwidth – *Assignable    3 x 100*
  • Component Video Outputs
  • RS-232 Port – Third Party Remote Controllers
  • PC Setup and Control Capability    via RS-232C
  • IR Serial Remote In/Out terminals
  • Multi-Source/Multi-Zone (*Uses REC OUT)    3S/3Z
  • Pre-amp Outputs for Multi-Zone
  • High Pass Filter for Multi-Zone Outputs
  • Discrete Multi-Zone Composite Video Output – *S-Video also
  • IR Control Port (Using optional ASD-1R Denon iDock)
  • Video Conversion Analog to HDMI Scaling 480p 720p 1080i 1080p
  • Faroudja DCDi Video Processing and Scaling FLI2310
  • HDMI 1.3a Inputs    4
  • HDMI 1.3a Outputs    1
  • HDMI Audio/Video Repeater Function
  • HDMI Deep Color Support-36Bit
  • HDMI xvYCC Color Space Support
  • HDMI SACD Support

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