DI-La Technology: A Third Option For Home Theater Projectors

We have already discussed the differences between LCD and DLP. Both have their unique advantages and both work well. But neither technology in it’s current state can provide top quality video projection and yet keep the price where most consumers can afford it.

Up until now however, they have been the only 2 choices in town when it came to choosing a home theater projector. However, there is a third digital technology developed by JVC that offers significant advantages over both LCD and DLP. JVC’s D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology uses LCD material, but the device is reflective rather than transmissive. In other words it takes the best of what LCD offers and DLP offers and rolls it into one hybrid technology.

In terms of picture quality, it  provides the excellent color control of the LCD and the superior contrast and minimal pixel structure of the DLP.

If It’s So Great…Why Haven’t I Heard Of This Before?

First of all D-ILA technology has only up to recently been avaialble on projectors in the $15,000 and up price range. Most consumers are woking with a budget to build their home theater room. And sometimes don’t even have $15,000 for their entire budget, let alone just the projector.

Secondly JVC is known as a research and development company and not a marketing company.

Good News: You Don’t Have To Spend $15,000 To Get This Technology Any Longer.

Here is even better news. You won’t have to spend $10,000 either. Believe it or not these models now start at under $6,000. Now you can see why we are so excited. That is also why we can’t keep them in our showroom. The last client we brought in just had to have it. We were sold out and it would take a few weeks for a new one to come in.  So what did he do… he bought the model we had installed on the ceiling! In fact online reviews report the JVC Di-La as providing the blackest of blacks against all competitors.

JVC has been hard at work building a model that more home theater consumers can afford. The result is the JVC professional line featuring the DILA-1 and The DILA-2.

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