You want the biggest projector screen you can get for your home theater room… don’t you?

How do you decide?

If you only go by the width of the wall you are installing it on you may be very frustrated later with the results.

Imagine this, you get the largest projector screen you can fit on your wall. But because of the seats being close to the screen you see all of the pixelations and imperfections of the video image. You will not be a happy camper, will you!

How to decide how big of a projector screen to buy

Here is a good safe standard to go by if you have a HD projector and do not want the scenario we discussed above:

Take your screen width and multiply it times 1.5 feet, and that should be your minimum distance to the first row of theater seats. Lets take a few examples here.

  • A 110″ projector screen like the dragonfly is 100.6″ wide. Now if we use the 1.5x rule described above we would need to set our first row of chairs back 150″ or 12-1/2 feet.

Now this is not set in stone. Everyone has there own personal preferences.

Here is a tip to try

Get the exterior measurements of a screen size you are interested in. Now with some black electrical tape outline the four corners of where the screen would be. Arrange your home theater seats to where they will probably go. How does it look to you? Does it look too big? Is it too over powering for the room? Then try a smaller size screen.

If you are concerened then simply go with the 1.5x rule and you can’t go wrong!

If you need help calculating the distance for your self then feel free to contact us.