Dragonfly™  Projection Screen / Matte White Fixed Film Screen with Black Velvet Frame (16:9 Aspect Ratio)

dragon fly 110" projection screen

Matte White Screen Material
The screen is not made of your ordinary run of the mill pvc screen material that is used today in projection screens in this price range. Instead, it contains fiberglass-reinforced PVC screen material.

How does this benefit you?

It produces accurate, vibrant colors and uniform brightness. It also helps to eliminate the  All Dragonfly screen material is mildew-resistant and flame retardant.

Rigid Aluminum Frame
The frame is wrapped with a heavy velvet covering which absorbs any overspray. Together with the inside beveled edge, the frame is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Quick to Assemble and Install
Our unique tensioning rod system ensures a wrinkle-free screen surface and extremely quick assembly.  You no longer have to worry about knuckle busting snaps because our tensioning rod system will perfectly stretch the screen for you every time.


Velvet Frame

What Are The Dimensions of This 110″ Projector Screen?

The outside dimensions of the 110″ projector screen are 58.7″high  X 100.6 ” wide