How To Pick A Projector Screen


Years ago you would have to worry alot about which screen you should match up to a particular projector. Today, It s just not as big an issue as it used to be. The technical advancements that have been made by projector manufacturers in the last few years have gone a long way in simplifying this.

Should I Go Matte White Or High Contrast?

Great question.

Lets take this one at a time, O.K.?

Matte White Screens

If your room is a dark room with no ambient lighting from the sun sneaking in from a nearby window, you would definitely want a matte white screen. Matte white screens diffuses projected light in all directions. What does this mean? Basically that your image can be seen from any angle. Matte white screens also provides accurate color rendition as well as superior clarity. They are also usually recommended for use with all high light output projection devices.

High Contrast Screens

On the other hand, if you room is not dedicated to a home theater room and has windows leaking light in then you may want to go with a high contrast screen. A high contrast screen is more of a gray white in color. It helps you to pick up some of the darker colors and blacks that might suffer given the sunlight issues you may be having.

That being said… most of our clients go with a matte white finish and have been very happy with the results.

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