Why Was The Clients Face Turning Beet Red With Anger?

The clients face was turning red…beet red, as he described his frustration with the Home Theater Installer In Atlanta he was working with when his project first began.

The very same  home theatre installers in Atlanta he had just fired.

“They  were the same low voltage company that pre-wired my new home. I didn’t choose them…they were a subcontractor of my builder.”

The man was growing more irritated by the moment as he relived the experience all over again. I had just had to ask him what happened?”

He answered:

“We wanted to do a small theater package. The builder gave us the home theater contractors name & number and told us to handle it ourselves.

I called them and made an appointment for them to come out.”

What happened next? I replied.

The home owner went on to say:

“First of all the home theater Installation salesman didn’t give me a moment to talk…all they did was go on and on about how great of a they were. You know…I just hate it when they do that.”

I chimed in that I agreed.

The client then said,

“Finally they asked me what I wanted and a budget price I was trying working with.

I really didn’t mind giving them a budget number…
I just rather do that upfront then play games later on with the pricing.”

I then asked,  what was the problem?

The client went on to say:

“It was like he didn’t listen to anything I said.

I specifically told him what price range I needed to stay in & its like he just threw it out the window.

The proposals he showed me were over double the price we had talked about. What a waste of my time”.

How To Protect Yourself From The Frustrations Of Working With The Wrong Home Theater In Atlanta Ga

Sad to say, this is not an isolated incidence. In fact…I wish I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard a story like this..

Well then before you frustrate yourself…

What Are A Few Things You Should Be Looking For In A In Atlanta Ga?

* Is the Installer state licensed to do “unrestricted” low voltage work…or are they  just  playing the role of an “Audio / Video “  company. (You would be suprised how many electricians, burglar alarm companies & handymen pass them selves off as certified) So don’t settle for anything less than  state licensed for “unrestricted” low voltage work to do your home theater installation.

* What happens if they drop your $2,000 brand new plasma TV? Are they insured with general liability  insurancefor all of their workers…as well as workmans comp?

* Do they offer you the opportunity to check the home theater references…or do you have to ask, and ask, and ask again?

* Do they have a home theatre showroom that you can come and play with all of the latest home theater equipment yourself?

* Will they offer you a complimentary home theater consultation… or will they charge you $100.00 for giving them the opportunity to earn your business?

* Ask them if they will install some of your own purchased equipment? Or  do they only do installs where they supply all of the equipment?

* Will they be flexable enough to do partial design jobs like only prewiring your media room?

* Do they balk at small jobs? I mean will the atlanta home theater installer offer to hang a plasma or install your existing surround sound system?

* Beware of sleazy sales tactics. Are they willing to work within your budget…or are they going to push a $50,000 or more theater on you?

* Do they offer special financing to make your investment easy on you? Or do they want all of the money right now?

You may be sorry if you do not take the time to ask these questions of a potential home theater room installer before you begin your home theater project.

What Makes Our & Different?

Well, you are probably thinking about that right about now…aren’t you?

I mean , there is certainly no shortage of home theater Installation companies in Atlanta out there.

So what makes us different?

Well, I can easily bore you with the standard, “Blah, blah, blah” about how great of a we are…

But I won’t .

Instead, allow me to introduce you to what some of our clients have said about us.

Read more about our home theater client testimonials.

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