How To Choose Seating For Your Home Theater Experience

So you have invested in your home theater set up and now its time to decide on your seating arrangements. There is no simple answer, as this will depend on a few things you need to think about first.

Where is your home theater set up located?

Is it in a separate home theater room that is dedicated for a family media room? Or is your surround sound set up in a family room, living room or den? Let’s face it not everyone has the room or the capital to invest in a dedicated theater room. Perhaps you are like the majority of people that would like to set up a theater room in the basement or bonus room one day…

But until then will temporarily settle for a surround sound system in the den.

The Family room theater setup

OK, lets start with the room that has to double as a family room by day and a home theater room at night. Your seating choices will have to serve a dual purpose so it is important to think this through.

1) First, you have your obvious choice of a couch or love seat arrangement. Now while it is important to look good, please make sure they are comfortable too! Proper neck support is vital for you to be able to watch a 2-1/2 to 3 hour movie. The reason I said this is that my wife & I went shopping for a couch a few years ago & I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable the “fashionable” couches were. Sure they looked beautiful in the showroom, but I couldn’t get comfortable on any one of them. Between the dozens of bulky pillows & the lack of neck support I really got frustrated. In the end, fashion won over comfort. (Sigh.)

My favorite choice is a comfortable couch that has a built in recliner on both ends. It serves the purpose of an attractive piece of furniture but at the time allows a person to relax while watching a good old fashioned movie.

2) Stand alone recliners are also very good for a family room surround sound set up. Drive over to a local Lazy-Boy furniture store on a Saturday afternoon & you will have more choices than you can imagine. Every style, fabric & color you can think of.

3) What if you have a wife or partner that will not allow you to get something comfortable because it will ruin the “decor” of the room? (Believe me I understand!)

But alas, fear not… all is not lost.

The solution is simple, yet brilliant.

What is the answer?

I’ll give you a clue. Think back to the old college days. I am talking about an old-fashioned beanbag chair. Think about it. Just stick it in a closet or a back room when they are not in use.

I say that because it makes everyone happy. The “room décor” remains intact by day & you are comfortable as you watch an action movie at night.

Theater Room Seating

How wide is your room going to be? That will determine how many rows of seats and how many seats in each row. Once you have this measurement this will decide what kinds and types of seats you can get.

The reason I said this is that some chairs have 2 arms while others just have one arm and share an arm with a chair on either side. That is why you need to figure this measurement out ahead of time. This will decide what kinds of seating you can get. If you want 4 seats in a row you may need to get seating that is connected together versus individual seating that have two arms each.

Here are a few ideas for seating for your new theater. I have the first seating pictured here available for you to sit in in our theater room.