When It Comes To Large Screen TV’s, Is Bigger Always Better?

That is the way most of us might think. But you would be surprised how many people are overwhelmed with the sheer size of the TV they purchased once they set it up in their home. They often say, “I didn’t know it would look that big!”.

That is why I have put together this little chart for you to print out and bring with you when shopping for a flat screen lcd or plasma HDTV. Of course personal preference will finally be your determining factor, but these are industry recognized suggested standards.

How to use the chart

Simply take a tape measure out and find the distance between where your TV will be and where you will be sitting. This measurement will be your viewing distance.

Viewing Distance Suggested Screen Size
6.25 feet                            30″
7.3 feet                              35″
8.3 feet                              40″
9.4 feet                              45″
10.4 feet                            50″
11.5 feet                            55″
12.5 feet                            60″
13.5 feet                            65″

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Frank Cheshire

Low Voltage Consultant