The Truth About HDTV Programming

Welcome to part 3 of the HDTV series.

In our last segment we discussed the importance of getting an HDTV receiver
In this article, we learn the truth about HDTV programming, because…

Not all Channels are being broadcast in High Definition

That’s right…not all of the channels your cable and satellite provider may offer to you are AVAILABLE in HDTV.

What that means is that, although you may have an High Def TV and an HD receiver…
If the TV program you are watching is not broadcast in High Def…
You are not going to get the picture you are dreaming about.

So, what can we expect for HD programming?

Currently Dish network has the most…close to 100 HD channels
Direct TV & cable are right behind. Directv claims to have more HD channels then Dish but they are including all of their pay per view channels that you most likely aren’t going to purchase everyday. If you want the most HD channels available without having to pay extra for pay per view then Dish network is the way to go.

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By the way, some local channels may also be available if you use a high powered antenna.
Now its true your favorite channel may not be available in High definition, but the ones that are make HDTV worth every penny!

Be patient however… eventually all your favorite channels will be HD broadcasted.

Even better the longer you can wait…the more the prices are dropping on the cost of purchasing a HD TV.

Keep your eyes open and you may find a real deal.

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