Should I Get A Plasma Or A LCD Television?

So you are considering to get a wall mount television to hang over your fireplace. It can get pretty frustrating with all of the television names, models, features and types to choose from. As we reflect on this together you will see that there is no one perfect TV here, as you will find that it depends on several factors.

In this article we will discuss the most commonly asked question. So Should I Get An LCD or Plasma TV?

1) What size of a screen will you be selecting? Both the LCD & Plasma screens are available in up to 65” now. For screens larger than 50” the larger plasmas are more affordable than their LCD counterparts. But don’t worry…LCD’s are becoming more competitive every day.

2) What will the lighting situation be in your TV room? The reason I say this is that the amount of direct sun light will play a role when choosing your flat panel television set. The plasma’s glass screen can reflect a lot of direct sunlight, so sometimes this can be an issue in very bright rooms. Direct sunlight can also contribute to a washout of color. Even indirect or ambient lighting can cause a contrast ratio reduction, especially in black colors produced on the screen.On the other hand…the LCD comes with a plastic matte screen that reflects less light. This means that the LCD is usually a better pick for very bright rooms. So score a point for the LCD here.

3) Will the seating be placed directly in front of the viewing screen? The reason I ask is that an LCD Image fades slightly when seen from extreme angles from either side. So this may be an important thing to consider when arranging your furniture in your TV room. Sometimes based on the layout of the room…You really don’t have much of an option. So think carefully about the trade off here. You tend to see some brightness and color shift when you’re on too much of an angle with LCD’s. (LCD manufacturers are working on technology to address) On the other hand, plasma can be viewed with a fairly solid picture from almost an angle. So score a point for plasmas here.


Since technology is changing everyday and quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer (and model to model) I would do a side-by-side comparison with several TV’s you are considering. Try to simulate where your seating would be so you can watch it from the angle you will be using at home-and judge for yourself.

These are just a few questions to think about when selecting a flat screen for your home. What size TV should you get? Will you be needing help installing your new flat screen? Have you considered hanging a TV over your fireplace? I would be to help you with that.

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