Why Would I Want An HD Receiver?

Basically it comes down to this, you need an HD receiver to view HD digital programming.

In our first part of this HDTV series we discussed that the more lines of resolution…the clearer the picture.

In other words 720 lines (The minimum requirement for HDTV) are better than 480 lines (Meets requirements for standard television programming).

In turn, 1080 lines are better than 720 lines of resolution.

Further we discussed the difference between “P” or Progressive & “I” or Interlaced.
All things being equal a 720 “P” will look better than a 720″I”.

How To Get An HD Receiver To View HDTV

There are several ways to do this:

1.    You can get a TV with a built in HD tuner / cable card. This is recommended if you are going to uses Cable TV INSTEAD of Satellite. This is usually more expensive than a HD Ready TV.  They are also harder to find. Make sure it specifically says this on the box before you purchase it. Otherwise you will be very upset when you lug it home and open it up!

2.    If you are going to get Satellite service like Dish Network Or Direct TV than all you need is an HD ready TV.  However you will need a separate HD satellite receiver that you can lease for about $10 bucks a month from your satellite provider to get the High Definition picture everyone is raving about.

3.    Get an HD aerial antenna to get any local HDTV channels that may be available.

QUESTION: What if I don’t want to upgrade my cable box or satellite box to HD?

Good question. Yes, you will have a GOOD picture.
However…you will not have the “Oh My Goodness” experience HDTV offers, unless you upgrade to a cable or satellite HD box / receiver.

In our next part of the HDTV series we will talk about HDTV programming available to you.