What Suggestions Does Consumer Reports Give To selecting an HDTV?

The March 2007 CONSUMER REPORTS issue had a few interesting things to say:

  • Don’t judge a TV by its name brand alone
  • In other words many “no name” brands out performed the so-called “Recognized” name brands in the consumer tests.  (In fact, you may be surprised to note that the name brand we sell the most of is not a household recognized name. But…Oh what a picture for the price!)
  • The Consumer Report Survey of 500 participants showed that viewing enjoyment increased with screen size
  • They recommended a minimum 34″-37″ screen for your primary TV
  • They also recommended a 16:9 wide screen over the squarish screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio. (The 16:9 was strongly preferred by those surveyed for viewing HD programs and DVD’s)
  • Beware of going overboard. A Big screen will look even larger in your home than the store. (See our article on viewing distances from your TV)
  • For optimal viewing sit at least 4 feet from a 37″ or smaller HD set, and 5-9 ft from a 40″ – 65″ screen. If you are any closer, the images may appear course.

In our next article we look at PLASMAS vs. LCD screens. Which will you choose?

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