What do you do when you have no place or room to hang your flat screen plasma?

  • Maybe your room layout or decor does not allow for an entertainment center, TV stand or armoire.
  • Or maybe you don’t have a wall to mount the TV on.
  • Perhaps you have a wall but don’t want the look of a big TV hanging there all of the time. (I tell you my wife agrees with that last one)

What do you do then?

Here is an idea if you logistically can set it up. (I’ll explain more in a minute)


Now what would you need to do to be able to logistically pull this off?

  • First and foremost you will need space above the ceiling. You will need room for the rack mount as well as the height of the TV. I would check with the manufacturer for specific recommendations for this.
  • This works well in drop ceiling as shown in this picture. It also works in rooms that have a step down ceiling like a bedroom lets say with a vault or trey ceiling. It also will work with a room that has attic access above it.
  • Adequate ventilation. Remember , It gets hot up in the attic.
  • You will need an 110 volt electrical outlet above the ceiling.
  • You will need either component level video feeds or an hdmi cable that connect back to your video sources. (Like a satellite box, DVD player etc)
  • You need a custom home theater atlanta company to help you to run the wires and to hang the TV.

If we can help, please feel free to give us a call.