There are at least 4 distinct disadvantages of plasma TV’s. Do you know what they are?

plasma TV

Don’t get me wrong. This is not an anti-plasma blog post. In fact Plasma’s certainly have their advantages. The thing is that many people who are building their home theater system are searching for the answer to this question on the internet everyday, so I thought it would be good to write a post about it.

You work hard for your money, so you deserve to educate yourself about the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Disadvantage # 1: Does size really matter?

Well it may. How big of a TV do you want? How small do you want it? Plasma TV’s are easily available in sizes 42” to 65”. But what if you wanted a smaller TV smaller? Perhaps your wall space or entertainment center will only accommodate a 37” TV? Or perhaps you want to put one in the bathroom so you can watch your favorite program while getting ready in the morning before work? Well then a plasma is not going to work in this scenario. Your only affordable option if you still want a flat screen TV is to go to an LCD .

Disadvantage # 2: Sunlight…Natures gift…The plasma’s curse

Everyone loves a cheery sunlit room. Except a plasma TV. Sunshine is the arch nemesis of the plasma TV as the joker is to batman.  Why is this so? Simply put it is because the plasma screen is made of glass and can reflect a whole lot of light. What does this mean for you? Besides an annoying glare it could also contribute to a washout of color. Even indirect or ambient lighting can cause a contrast ratio reduction, especially in black colors produced on the screen. So if your heart is set on a plasma TV then look for room darkening shades and curtains that you can use during TV watching times. You also may want to look for a plasma with a glare reducing shield. The verdict is still out on these but every little thing will help. Otherwise you may need to look closely at a LCD TV.

Disadvantage # 3: Are you planning on using your  TV as a huge Computer monitor?

With the advent of downloading movies and video’s on the Internet many people like the idea of using their flat screen as a huge monitor! Couple this with the use of an external hard drive to store hundreds of your favorite movie titles and it is apparent that you want a TV that can connect to your computer and get a High Def picture. Here is the thing. Many plasma TV’s don’t allow you to do this. So here is my suggestion. Get the facts  first. Some of the newer models will allow you to do this. Or you may need to spend a little more money and  go to the next model up from the one you are looking at. Otherwise an LCD may be your only choice.

Disadvantage # 4: Have you ever heard of “burn-in”?

Unfortunately sometimes one of the side effects of a plasma TV being left on for many hours is that after a few years it develops something called “Burn-in”. What exactly is burn-in? Is your TV on for 6-8 hours a day? Do you spend countless hours into the night playing video games on it? Imagine after shutting off your movie or video games for hours that you still see a faint image of what was on the screen before. Thankfully some of the newer models are much less susceptible to this side effect. Many people report that their burn in is only temporary. In other words as soon as the picture begins to move the burn-in vanishes. If you have your heart set on owning a plasma I would suggest researching the TV you are looking at and see what kind of reputation it has with burn-in. Other experts suggest keeping your contrast ratio below 50% for the first 100 hours of TV watching since most burn-in issues occur during this time period.

After reading this article you might think I don’t like Plasma TV’s and favor LCD. That is not necessarily the case because they both have their benefits and advantages.