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Control4 HC200: What does it offer? In our last post we learned of the basic differences between HC200 and HC300. Today lets talk about the features you can expect. Yes it has the same HD on screen display as the HC300 (720p at this time) SR 150 ZigBee remote   10/100 Ethernet (Wi-Fi option) One USB […]

HC200: How Is It Different From The HC300?

By admin + December 16th, 2008

The Control2 HC200 How does it compare to the HC300? In our last post on the HC200 we discussed the new controller by control4. You will be excited to know that the HC200 does practically everything the HC300 does. The differences? According to not much. You can read the rest of their article here: […]

HC200: Throw your smart remote away

By admin + December 15th, 2008

Control4s HC200 means saying good bye to those universal remotes. Has Control4 pricing been holding you back from automating your home? For the price of one of those smart RF remote controls you can begin to automate your home now using wifi and zigbee technology. It’s true. The HC200 comes in at $499. Compare that […]

Zigbee Wireless Protocol

By admin + December 3rd, 2008

Yes, Control4 uses wifi, but it also uses a little known wireless protocol known as…Zigbee. What is zigbee? Wikipedia tells us that Zigbee is a protocol used for wireless personal area networks or (WPANs).  ZigBee is low cost RF (Radio frequency) technology that is similar to wifi. (By the way the control4 system uses both […]

Home automation lighting

By admin + December 3rd, 2008

Don’t come home to an dark house again! Do you live alone? Does your mate travel often leaving you alone for days at a time? Does your mate work at night leaving you alone in the dark? Are you concerned about security in your neighborhood? A home automation lighting package can make all the difference […]