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Ipods: What are they?

By admin + December 5th, 2008

Ipod this and ipod that… what is the big deal everyone is talking about? Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you probably have heard of the ipod. Understanding & describing the technology it uses maybe another altogether. In the old days there were Vynal LP’s. Remember those? Then came 8 track tapes, […]

Apple TV: Which one should I get?

By admin + December 4th, 2008

Did you know there were two Apple TV Models? In our last post about the apple tv you learned about what it will do for you. Today, we will discuss the two models available one by one. The standard Apple TV with 40 gig hard drive 40 gig hard drive using intel technology Up to […]

What is Apple TV?

By admin + December 3rd, 2008

Have you been wondering what the apple Tv isĀ  but are a little embarrassed to ask? Don’t worry, you not the first…nor will you be the last. First of all, the apple TV is not a TV at all. Instead it is a hard drive (like a computer hard drive) that you can hook up […]